I’ve been making and designing contemporary jewellery for 29yrs, and it’s with this experience I can help guide you on your important journey in creating your special custom piece of bespoke jewellery. 

The Process

The design process starts with an informal chat to gradually build up a list of your design criteria for your perfect custom ring, earrings or necklace.

And don’t worry I know the exact questions to ask to narrow down your ideas and will advise what works best for you and your custom jewellery design. 


As we all know trends change with time and occasionally there’s that piece of jewellery that just doesn’t make it out of the jewellery box.  

Well let me fix it and remodel that amazing gemstone or grandmas vintage diamonds into something unique and bespoke for you. 

Interested? let’s meet in my Bristol workshop and chat about your custom jewellery ideas. 

Drop me an enquiry via my contacts page