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Asymmetric-Aqua-Chalcedony-ring – £290.00Asymmetric Blue Chalcedony ring – £290.00Asymmetric Green Amethyst ring – £325.00Asymmetric Sky Blue Topaz ring – £325.00Asymmetric Curved Diamond ring – £325.009ct white gold sapphire ring – £555.00Oval green sapphire platinum ring – £1,300.00Blue Sapphire & Diamond platinum ring – £1,350.00Oval Diamond Trilogy Ring – £4,080.00Petite Oval Diamond Ring – £1,825.00Oval diamond ring – £3,675.00Grand Oval Diamond Ring – £5,885.00Oval sapphire diamond ring – £1,170.00Diamond trilogy ring – £1,830.00£2,175.00Three Diamond Engagement Ring – £1,920.00Curved Platinum Wedding Ring – £780.00Five Diamond Curved Wedding Ring – £910.00Platinum curved wedding band – £930.00Three Diamond Curved Wedding Ring – £1,060.00Oval Trio Diamond Ring – £4,080.00Gold Acute Curve Wedding ring – £895.00Grand diamond Trilogy Ring – £5,560.00Green Sapphire and Diamond ring – £2,450.00Platinum diamond ring – £1,255.00Diamond Engagement Ring – £1,880.00Grand Diamond Engagement Ring – £2,775.00White gold diamond ring – £2,220.00Green tourmaline ring – £149.00Green sapphire ring – £160.00Green tourmaline silver ring – £150.00Blue/green tourmaline ring – £155.00Thin diamond wedding band – £840.00Thin Gold Wedding Ring – £770.00Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring – £1,100.00Platinum Wedding Band – £840.00Gold Wedding Ring – £1,665.00Hammered diamond engagement ring – £1,765.00Solitaire rosecut diamond pavé ring – £1,230.00Silver textured diamond ring – £290.00Marquise diamond ring – £325.00Hammered court – Platinum wedding ring – £795.00Gold diamond engagement ring – £5,995.00Gold diamond curved ring – £2,285.00Blue topaz silver ring – £320.00Green amethyst silver ring – £320.00London blue topaz silver ring – £320.00Gold diamond solitaire ring – £5,850.00Diamond solitaire platinum ring – £5,300.00Thin diamond rose gold ring – £990.00Diamond trilogy engagement ring – £5,985.00Multi diamond ring – £7,260.00Cups – Emerald & diamond engagement ring – Cups – pink sapphire & diamond engagement ring – Cups – Emerald & diamond ring – Cups – Gold green tourmaline ring – £1,355.00Multi diamond eternity ring – £3,455.00£3,710.00Cups – 18ct white gold sapphire eternity ring – Diamond Eternity Ring – £1,575.00Seven Diamond Eternity Ring – £2,200.00Cups – gold wedding ring – £980.00Trio diamond engagement ring – £1,500.00Blue sapphire & diamond ring – £1,525.00Curved diamond ring – £750.00Solitaire diamond ring – £925.00Mini Cocktail Cups – Gold curved wedding ring – £645.00Diamond curved wedding ring – £925.00Thin diamond ring – £1,520.00£1,830.00Thin Diamond Eternity Ring – £2,040.00Thin Rose Gold Diamond Ring – £1,280.00Thin Princess Cut Diamond Ring – £1,340.00Refined Flats – platinum curved wedding ring – £1,530.00

Jacks Turner contemporary rings are timeless, elegant with a modern twist.

Unique minimalist wedding rings, engagement rings and eternity rings, handmade with exceptional precision and jewellery craftsmanship.

Jacks seamless designs come adorned with a combination of traditional diamonds, fancy salt and pepper diamonds and unusual sapphires.

All responsibly sourced from around the world to create stunning unique rings from our Bristol Studio.

Modern day luxury that is highly collectable.