Jacks Turner Bristol Workshop

Jacks Turner in her Contemporary jewellery workshop, Bristol South West.

I’m Jacks, an independent jewellery designer, specialising in handcrafting precious, contemporary jewellery from my workshop in the centre of Bristol.

Born and raised in the south-west, at school I was lucky enough to have been guided to follow a career in the arts. Skipping sixth-form and leaving school far behind me, I started a two-year course in art and design. Whilst exploring all creative disciplines, I found metalwork the most rewarding, and went on to study for my degree at the Birmingham School of Jewellery. 

I started my career as a silversmith, designing and creating one-off pieces of silverware; as a result, I have a wealth of knowledge of silver and goldsmithing. I then spent eight years managing the workshop of a top jewellery designer, which naturally led me to open my own studio: Jacks Turner Jewellery.

I love the precision that can be achieved with precious metals. Being able to design and create fine, innovative jewellery that will be cherished and loved for generations is incredibly satisfying.
Being part of that special and significant moment in someone’s life is a complete honour and one I don’t take lightly. It’s the satisfaction of seeing someone’s first, emotional glimpse of their custom, handmade piece of jewellery that keeps me doing what I do. 

I’ve been designing and making jewellery for 29 years, and it’s with this experience that I will guide you on your important journey to create your very own special piece of bespoke, handmade, contemporary jewellery. 

The Workshop

Jacks Turner jewellery workshop dog Hector


When you visit the Bristol workshop, you’ll first be greeted by me and then very soon after by Hector Hound, the workshop dog.
But don’t worry, he takes his important job of looking cute while sleeping, very seriously and rapidly returns to his bed!

Jacks Turner at her comtemporary jewellery workbench, in her bristol workshop.


My place to design . . . to create . . . to perfect . . . to ponder . . . to imagine . . . to dream.