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The perfect fit

Free printable ring size guide

Download and print our PDF ring size guide to find your approximate ring size from an existing piece of jewellery or your finger.

Measuring a ring

Find your perfect fit

We recommend confirming your finger size with a local jeweller wherever possible, as this is the most accurate.

If you can’t get to a jewellers, download our ring size guide to measure your ring size at home.

Please note

These methods are more of an indication, and not as accurate as a professional sizing.

We’re happy to send you a plastic sizer of the ring size you’ve chosen, plus one size above and below, for you to try on.

If you do provide us with the wrong size, we will happily resize the ring free of charge, if its only one size out.

If it needs a second resize, this will incur a charge worked out on each individual job, plus shipping.

When purchasing a particularly wide band, we recommend you give us your actual finger size and we will make any size adjustments needed.

Measuring a ring with the ring sizes

Use an existing ring which fits your desired finger, and place over the circles until the inner circumference matches one.
(Make sure you can just see the edge of the coloured circle inside your ring)

Double check your chosen size with the diameter measurement using a ruler.

Measuring a finger with ring sizer

Your fingers fluctuate in size throughout the day. The best time to measure is at the end of the day when your fingers are at their largest.

Make sure your hands are not extremely hot or cold, as this can affect your measurements by half a size.

If using the Ring Sizer method, carefully cut around the dotted line, including the slit. (Tip – place some tape over slit before cutting for added strength) 

Place the other end of the ring sizer through the slit to form a loop, with the letters visible. 

Wrap the loop around the finger you wish to measure, and make a note of the letter closest to the slit. Measure both the base of your finger and the knuckle.

Your ring sizer should fit your finger comfortably: it should be snug enough not to fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle.

Geo Curved Salt And Pepper Diamond Ring, Handmade In Platinum. Pictured On A Pebble By Bristol Jewellery Designer Jacks Turner.
Rings to buy

Now that you know your size, why not have a browse of the beautiful rings Jacks Turner lovingly creates in her Bristol studio? 

Online Orders

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After an amazing busy year of designing and making your bespoke jewellery commissions, I like to spend the summer in France relaxing and creating new jewellery designs.

The workshop will be closed until 5th September.
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I’m still checking my emails while I’m away so please contact me if you have a query or click on my appointments calendar link below to reserve your September appointment. 

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