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Ethical & Environmental Statement

Respecting the environment and making the most ethical choices.

Sustainability as a norm

Recycled Metals As Standard

Respecting the environment and making the most ethical choices in my business matters to me.

All my ethical engagement rings, wedding rings and jewellery designs come in recycled gold or silver as standard, and I also offer SMO (Single Mine Origin) gold to provide you the choice that best reflects your values.

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Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring On Models Finger. Handmade By Bristol Jeweller Jacks Turner
My Materials

Recycled Gold & Silver

As standard, the silver and gold I use is recycled.

This means the metal used in your piece has not been newly mined but comes instead from existing gold or silver that has been refined.

The quality is exactly the same as new bullion, without any new environmental impact.

Single Mine Origin (SMO) Gold

If you prefer to know exactly where your gold comes from, I also offer SMO gold – Single Mine Origin.

This origin of the metal used in your jewellery, only originating from mines with a proven social and environmental commitment.

SMO provides a guarantee that your gold is conflict free throughout the entire supply chain, and even allows you an insight into the community projects your purchase helps fund.

Gold Necklace And Earrings Gift Set Jacks Turner Bristol
A Image Of Recycling Gold For Jewellery Remodelling In British Independent Jewellery Designer Jacks Turner'S Bristol Jewellery Studio.

Sentimental Gold

If you have old or heirloom jewellery you would like reworked into something new, let me create you a bespoke piece from the existing materials.

I’ll recover your sentimental gold and use the exact metal in your new piece – a precious connection to the past and a wonderful way to give new life to the gold.


Every cast piece of jewellery is made from 100% recycled platinum.

Where I use wire or sheet, I source my platinum from a respected, UK business with a traceable supply chain.

If you would like to ensure your jewellery design uses fully recycled platinum, simply contact me. lf the piece isn’t already 100% recycled metal then I’ll tweak the design to make sure it is!

Salt And Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring And Wedding Ring Gold And Platinum Jacks Turner Bristol
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Diamonds & Coloured Gemstones

Every diamond I use adheres strictly to the Kimberley Process, a guarantee that they are conflict-free.

I offer a range of coloured stones, increasingly from partners selected for their ethical guarantees and traceability.

Where a stone is indicated as fair-mined, this means it has been sourced from one of my two key ethical stone suppliers. Working directly with mines, their relationships ensure fair labour and responsible mining practices.

If you want a piece with a guaranteed fair-mined stone, I’d be happy to make that happen.

Simply contact me to discuss your bespoke piece and find your perfect stone.


The finish touches are just as important, which is why I have moved to recycled or recyclable packaging and stationary.

My jewellery packaging and shipping containers are all recyclable, so anything you don’t reuse to store your jewellery can be recycled with your household collection.

Where I previously used plastic bags and stationary, I now choose fully recycled options.

Image Of Jacks Turner In Her Bristol Jewellery Studio.
My Misson

Ethical & Sustainable

The jewellery industry is changing for the better, with greater traceability and processes evolving all the time. It’s a journey for us all and one I’m excited to embrace. You can be confident that when there’s an opportunity for my business to improve, I take it.


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