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29 February 2024

5 bespoke wedding & engagement rings for LGBTQIA+ couples to inspire your own

These days, many loved-up couples are opting to both have engagement rings, or to combine the engagement and wedding ring into one stunning commitment ring.

Many betrothed couples also love to inject a bit of their individual personalities, so they either have rings totally different from each other, or opt for a tiny detail which ties the rings together.

Despite this rising trend of matching engagement and wedding rings for same sex couples, it can sometimes be tricky to find inspiration online.

Love comes in loads of different forms, so rings should too. We thought we’d get that inspiration bubbling by sharing some real rings and real stories from some of Jacks Turner’s wonderful LGBTQIA+ customers.

1. Matching bespoke wedding rings for Nicky and Jan

Jan And Nickys Wedding Rings Jacks Turner Bristol Jewellery Designer

Diamond Wedding Rings Lgbtqia+ Commitment Rings. Handmade By Bristol Jeweller Jacks Turner.

Jacks made these stunning contemporary wedding rings for Nicky and Jan, who decided to have matching designs.

Ten diamonds were flush-set into each handcrafted 18ct white gold band with Jacks’ signature satin finish. The result is an understated yet luxe ring, with lots of subtle sparkle.

“We had previously seen some of Jacks’ work in a jeweller’s in Hebden Bridge and loved it. When we decided to get married we both agreed that we wanted Jacks to design and make our rings.

We emailed Jacks who replied that she would be honoured to make our rings for us and we made an appointment at her Bristol studio.

Jacks is lovely, warm and friendly, and she spent quite a bit of time with us talking about what we wanted, fitting us and making suggestions. She is very knowledgeable about her craft and helped us make the right decisions about the finish and weight of our rings.

It was a special and exciting time for us and we felt like we were working with an old friend.

Our rings are beautiful, and we continue to receive compliments on them.”

2. Complementing custom wedding rings for Darren and Richard

18Y Sil Commitment Rings Commission Jan 06 Jacks Turner

Gold And Silver Lgbtqia+ Commitment Rings. Handmade By Bristol Jeweller Jacks Turner.

This sentimental wedding ring commission was for one of Jacks’ first same sex couples; these rings were made back in 2006.

Darren was a friend of hers, so they both trusted Jacks with their precious sentimental jewellery. Jacks alternated the metals to give each ring a connection, while still making the rings individual to each of them.

“We chose Jacks as a designer mainly because we felt we could trust her with two rings that were already very special to us – my gold ring was my grandmother’s wedding ring, and Richard’s silver ring was given to him by his parents for his 21st birthday.

When we were able to legally have a civil partnership, we decided we wanted to use our individual rings and form them together.

With Jacks’ guidance, knowledge and creativity we came up with the idea of Richard having a silver ring with some of my gold banded around it, and I had a gold ring with silver.

This meant we remained with our original rings but both had a band around them to signify our commitment to each other.

32 years into our relationship, our rings are very personal and very much part of us. What I love the most is when I roll it from the back of my finger with my thumb I know I have someone in my life who is there for me and loves me.

Thanks to Jacks they are also original, well crafted and probably the most precious thing I own.”

3. Hers & hers diamond engagement rings and wedding rings

Hers And Hers Diamond Engagement Rings With Wedding Rings Jacks Turner Southwest

Esme and Kate came to Jacks to get engagement rings and wedding rings made. One of them had a clear idea of what they wanted, and the other didn’t, so Jacks helped to formulate their ideas into two similar rings that suited each of their preferences.

The concept was then tied together by both women having the same wedding ring in different golds – one in platinum, the other rose gold.

“The service given by Jacks was wonderful. She was friendly and professional, and took on board what we did and didn’t want or like to create something special. We would highly recommend.”

4. A special engagement ring (& future wedding rings) for Emily and Tabitha

Half Carat Diamond Engagement Ring 1 Jacks Turner

Mixed Gold Half Carat Engagement Ring By Jacks Turner Southwest

This engagement ring for Emily and Tabitha is a take on Jacks’ mixed precious metals rings, like the Hammered Diamond Engagement Ring.

However the band on Emily’s engagement ring is platinum with a smooth, flat edge, with a 18ct yellow gold setting finished in Jacks’ signature satin finish.

Centre stage sits a GIA certificated half carat round diamond, giving a spectacular sparkle and a contemporary look.

“My partner Tabitha and I have wanted to get married for a while, and we knew that we wanted a special engagement ring. Tabitha followed Jacks on Instagram as she admired her style, and we soon knew we wanted Jacks to make our engagement ring.

As a same sex couple there’s always a slight apprehension in approaching people providing services, as the reaction can be one of hate and rejection – sadly this is well publicised in services relating to same sex marriage.

As a same sex couple it means you take steps to try and protect yourself from that possible hurt – for example making it clear that it was two women coming to the first appointment to chat about options.

But from the moment we met Jacks we knew we needn’t have worried. Jacks wasn’t just unbothered, she was warm and welcoming. She chatted to us equally and contributed to our excitement.

We loved the experience of visiting her Bristol workshop – that bubble of being where the magic happens. She recognised how we may want to vary from the traditional marriage conventions, but also where we wanted to lean into them.

She helped us work through options, and as a result we have the most beautiful bespoke engagement ring – and will certainly be going back to Jacks for the wedding rings.”

5. Matching commitment rings for Kayla & Emily

Salt And Pepper Diamond Commitment Rings Jacks Turner Bristol Scaled

Finally, Kayla & Emily chose to have matching commitment rings, and decided to customise Jacks Turner’s Geo Diamond Ring to have 7 salt and pepper diamonds instead of the original 11, as well as opting for a gold and silver design, over the original gold and platinum.

“It was so lovely to meet you. Thanks for making us both feel so comfortable. Another massive thank you for the rings! They are absolutely perfect.”

When it comes to love in the 21st century, there isn’t a one size fits all, so working with an independent jewellery designer can allow you to find the engagement rings, wedding rings or commitment rings that are right for you as an LGBTQIA+ couple.

Many independent jewellery designers understand how poignant buying these rings is for you, and will want to create an inclusive environment for everyone to realise their dream commitment rings. Everybody deserves to feel extra special at this time.

If you’re thinking of commissioning a bespoke engagement ring, have a look at these 11 custom designer engagement rings made by Jacks Turner in 2023 to give you a little extra inspiration.

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