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11 October 2023

5 ways to make your loved one feel special this Christmas, featuring our favourite festive spots in Bristol

In the run up to Christmas, independent jewellery designer Jacks can be found in her Bristol studio, up to her eyeballs in bespoke ring, necklace and earring orders. There might still be time to order for Christmas if you get in quickly – we recommend ordering jewellery gifts 4 weeks before the special day, or 8 weeks before if it’s a custom jewellery piece.

If a bespoke jewellery gift is not within your budget this year, there are plenty of other lovely ways to make your sweetheart feel cherished at Christmas, without breaking the bank.

A thoughtful way to make your beloved feel special – and all year round – is to consider the 5 love languages, and which one your partner prefers.

If you’re not sure (and don’t want to give the game away by asking), reflect on the ways they express their love to others – do they often speak encouraging and affectionate words, do they cook meals and help people run errands, do they give lots of hugs and kisses?

The way someone shows their love is often the way they’d like to receive it.


Here’s how to make your loved one feel special this Christmas, according to their love language.


1. Make your sweetheart feel supported with an act of service

The “acts of service” love language refers to people showing their fondness by doing things which help someone. If this is your partner’s love language, you can help them to feel doted on with your actions.

Make their day by bringing them a festive breakfast in bed or cooking an indulgent dinner, or assist them with buying and beautifully wrapping gifts.

This clementine gift wrap from Good Store in Old Market would make for perfect Christmas wrapping, or pick up a few vintage headscarves from one of the many second hand shops in Bristol for a reusable wrap.

You could also take something off their to-do list by sprucing up the home and decorating it for the holiday season. Anything that will alleviate their daily workload will show them that you genuinely care.


Christmas Bristol Jacks Turner Kelly Sikkema Unsplash
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


2. Declare your love with quality time

You might feel like you spend a lot of time with your partner, but is it truly quality time?

Quality time is defined as focussed, uninterrupted one-on-one time, so watching TV together while you eat dinner in silence doesn’t really count.

If your other half has a soft spot for quality time, there’s no doubt in my mind that they would delight in you planning a thoughtful date.

Whether it’s a romantic and Christmassy weekend away, or a festive dinner out together somewhere fancy, like stunning farm-to-table restaurant Wilsons in Redland or seasonal small plates restaurant Cor in Bedminster.

You could plan a chilly walk at Ashton Court Estate or Westonbirt Arboretum, before heading home to get cosy with snuggly blankets, candles and sumptuous hot chocolates.

It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive, what matters most here is that you’re devoting your time to your partner, and giving them your undivided attention.


The Kiss Gold Diamond Earrings By Jacks Turner Bristol Jeweller


3. Show your partner they are cherished by giving a gift

Christmas is of course the perfect time for gift giving, especially if it’s your companion’s love language.

Bristol is home to so many fantastic independent shops, which are the perfect place to find a special gift for your love. We love to wander around beautiful Clifton Village at Christmas, stopping into shops like Clifton Rocks for jewellery (including Jacks’ designs), and Truce for the most beautiful homeware and gifts.

As soon as December is upon us, there’ll be a Christmas market in every corner of the city, every weekend. There’s the Made in Bristol market at the Bristol Beacon, or take a trip to Frome for their Christmas market on Sunday the 4th of December – just make sure to get there early. A quick Google search should help you find one near you.

Whether you buy a hand-crafted gift, make one yourself, or splash out on an expensive and extravagant present, you’re onto a winner as long as it’s something that your sweetheart will love, and will mean a lot to them.

It’s important to show that you listen to them and observe the things they like.

If your loved one sits on the more glamorous and luxurious end of the scale, the obvious answer is jewellery.

For a truly romantic gift, choose jewellery which symbolises your love and devotion. Jacks designed her new Kiss collection with exactly that in mind – capturing the playful essence of love with a charming token of affection.

You can also never go too far wrong with a pair of beautiful diamond earrings as a special Christmas gift.


Christmas Bristol Jacks Turner Lore Schodts Unsplash
Photo by Lore Schodts from Unsplash


4. Make your loved one feel desired with physical touch

If physical touch is your darling’s preferred love language, even something as simple as taking their hand as you’re walking down the road together, or a gentle squeeze of their hip can mean so much.

Sometimes in relationships, affection can dwindle, but it’s important to make warmth and tenderness a priority for your one true love.

An easy and playful way to add a bit of extra festive affection into your days is to hang mistletoe in a part of your home that you walk through often, like a hallway or doorway. Everytime you and your other half pass, you kiss – how fun.

Your local florist will likely have mistletoe from the beginning of December. We love Blossom Co Floral Design in Clifton, and Les Fleurs on Colston Street for gorgeous festive flowers and foliage.


5. Tell them how treasured they are with words of affirmation

Does your loved one often whisper sweet nothings in your ear, text to say they’re thinking of you, and write long, heart-felt messages in cards? It sounds like their love language may well be words of affirmation.

To convey your devotion in a way they understand, you need to declare it. Shout it from the rooftops! Tell your partner how much they mean to you, shower them with meaningful compliments, or write them a beautiful message of appreciation in their Christmas card this year.

We’re so lucky in Bristol to have so many gorgeous indie shops selling lovely cards – Mon Pote in Bedminster has an exquisite collection of Christmas cards, and BAM Store + Space in Easton has a great selection of artists’ Christmas cards too.


However you choose to show your loved one how much you care this Christmas, make sure you have their wants, needs and desires in mind, and they’ll see that you think the world of them. And don’t forget to try and support our wonderful Bristol independent businesses while you’re at it.

Take a look at more of our alluring Christmas jewellery gift ideas to ensure there won’t be any disappointment under the tree, and if you’re thinking of a romantic Christmas proposal, read our easy 6-step guide to buying a beautiful engagement ring.

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