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5 January 2023

9 sneaky tips for finding the perfect engagement ring for your partner

How exciting it is to plan a proposal – to be whipped up in the magic of it all and to let your one true love know that you really do want to be with them forever.

Of course, one way to get that all important “yes” is to present them with the beautiful engagement ring of their dreams, as it shows them that you really do see them, love them and know them so well.

Bristol based jewellery designer Jacks Turner loves creating special jewellery that will be cherished forever – being part of a significant moment in someone’s life is a complete honour, and one she doesn’t take lightly.

But how do you go about figuring out what that perfect engagement ring looks like? Our 9 tips for sneakily finding the perfect engagement ring for your partner will make it easier for you.


1. Start planning your proposal early and decide early


You’re going to want to plan well in advance, especially if you’ve got a special date in mind to propose. Think about how long you want to give yourself for planning, and then maybe add a few more weeks on, because you never know what stumbling blocks you might come across.

If you’re thinking of having an engagement ring made by a local jewellery designer (or even creating one yourself with their assistance) make sure to check what their turnaround time is.

Here at Jacks Turner, it’s 4-6 weeks for a customised engagement ring from an existing design, or 6-8 weeks for a totally bespoke engagement ring. Keep in mind that it’s not unusual for jewellery designers to be booked for the time period you want, so enquire further in advance than you might think.

Planning in advance will also help keep it as a big surprise – if you start asking your partner questions about their ideal engagement ring, and then nothing else happens for 6 months or longer, they will (hopefully) put it to the back of their mind.


Jacks Turner Bristol Jewellery Consultation Engagement Rings 2


2. Keep a top secret note of everything in your notes app


Make sure you keep track of all your important investigative information somewhere easy to access, like the notes app in your phone. I love using my notes app to quickly jot down as my loved one mentions something that they like – it’s super handy for future gift ideas, and of course, engagement rings.

And if you’re worried that your partner will see this top secret note, don’t worry, you can lock notes with your passcode or a separate password, which is vital if you and your partner know each other’s phone passcodes.



3. Use their current everyday rings for a size estimate


Having the right sized engagement ring can really add to the magic of a proposal, giving that perfect “meant to be” feeling. Getting the size right is tricky when you’re keeping it a secret, so have a sneaky look at any rings your partner already wears – bonus points if they wear any of them on their ring finger (the one next to the little finger on the left hand) already.

You need the diameter of the ring across the inner width, so use a tape measure or a ruler to measure the inside of the ring. You can then use a ring size chart to figure out the correct size.


Jacks Turner Bristol Jewellery Studio Ring Sizing


Too big, or too small?

If you’re still unsure, don’t have any rings to measure, or you’ve measured a ring worn on a different finger, it’s best to make an estimate a little bigger, rather than smaller, to avoid the extra cost of adding more gold or platinum if it’s too small.


4. Pay special attention to the jewellery they already wear and love


People are often so particular about what kind of jewellery they prefer, so take a look at your partner’s jewellery collection to see what precious metals they’re drawn to, and what gemstones they like.

For example, if you looked in my jewellery box you’d notice that I like simple gold jewellery with a unique element, and a gorgeously rich blue semi-precious gemstone. A great engagement ring for someone who likes these things might be a Oval sapphire diamond ring in gold, or even better, a jewellery remodelling of my mother’s wedding ring for that sentimental edge.

This isn’t a time to go rogue with a bold idea or to think outside the box, nor is it a time to think about your own taste – it’s a much better idea to focus on what the wearer will really love.


Jacks Turner Bristol Jewellery Consultation Engagement Rings


5. Ask your partner’s friends for insider information


It seems that we’d rather talk to our friends about ideal rings than to our partners, so pick their pals’ brains. Ask your partner’s closest friends, and perhaps their mum or siblings too, to see if they’ve ever discussed the type of engagement ring they’d like.

Your partner and their friends might’ve been jewellery shopping before, daydreaming and picking out their dream engagement rings. They might also be more observant when it comes to gemstone colours, precious metals and the general vibe of the things they wear.


6. Snoop your partner’s Pinterest boards and Instagram


Does your partner pin inspiration for every moment of their life? From food to interior design to weddings, millions of people use Pinterest to gather all their favourite ideas together. Have a browse of their Pinterest to see if they’ve pinned any engagement rings or other jewellery, and while you’re there, have a look at the Jacks Turner Pinterest for inspiration too.

Another sneaky idea is to take a look at who your partner follows on Instagram, to see if they follow any ring designers or jewellery makers. You can then see if they’ve “liked” any of their beautiful ring posts. A little long winded and extremely sneaky, but you could do this while watching TV or on the bus to work.

Take screenshots of the styles they like, have a browse of the jewellery designers’ websites and get in contact with them to find out if they can make the engagement ring of your partner’s dreams, as well as their turnaround time.


Jacks Turner Bristol Jewellery Studio Handmaking Jewellery 6


7. Browse jewellery shop windows and ask leading questions


Take a romantic walk with your partner in a pretty place which has some lovely jewellery shops, like Clifton Village in Bristol – our favourite is Clifton Rocks, but that might just be because they’re our good friends, and stock jewellery by Jacks Turner. Browse shop windows and try to steer them with questions to figure out what styles they like.

Perhaps if you start pointing out the beautiful rings that you like, it will encourage them to do the same. Keep it fun and lighthearted, and maybe include all kinds of jewellery, so that they don’t get too suspicious.


8. Put together an engagement ring shortlist and get feedback


Once you’ve completed a few of the steps above, you’ll probably have a handful of ring ideas in mind, and it’s always good to get a second (or third, or fourth) opinion. You’ve been keeping photos and links in your secret note that you started keeping back at point number 2, and now it’s time to narrow the shortlist down to The One.

Ask a close friend of your partner, their mum, a sibling, anyone who knows your partner really well for a little help – get them to give their opinion and help you make that final decision.


9. Trust your gut


At the end of the day, you’re soulmates. You love your partner, and you know them incredibly well, so there’s a certain amount of trusting your gut that comes into play when buying an engagement ring. Sometimes, you will see a ring and just know that it’s absolutely perfect for your partner.


So now it’s time to go forth and find that dreamy engagement ring, plan that magical proposal, and let your partner know just how much they mean to you – we truly hope it’s the most special moment, and that you live a long and happy life together.

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